A Room With a View (Special 30th Anniversary)

Thursday, October 5 (8.30 pm) Cinema Odeon Firenze, in collaboration with the City of Florence, FST Fondazione Sistema Toscana, the British Institute Florence and New York University, presents the gala evening with the CAMERA WITH VISTA film, in the presence of director James Ivory actors Julian Sands and Helena Bonham Carter.

Thirty years after the release of the 3 Oscar Awards winner, which contributed to spreading the image of Florence in the world, the city celebrates this important anniversary with the projection of the restored version of the film (in English with subtitles in Italian).

In 1907, watched and scrupulously protected by Charlotte, a solemn cousin, the young Lucy, a wealthy English family, visits Florence and retires at Bartolini's pension, without having the promise of "room with sight". At dinner, Emerson, two English lords, father and son, offer Lucy the opportunity to swap rooms to meet his wishes. The encounter with young George Emerson, more free, uncontrolled, and somewhat extravagant, disrupts the rather narrow-minded life imposed on Lucy by the rigors of the Victorian family practices and offers a comparison parameter in the most sensitive sentimental events that will follow I returned to England when, fiancée for his initiative to the impeccable and boring Cecil Vyse, is about to extinguish in the well-known convention that has set her lively spontaneity. In Florence, the "room with view" will return to honeymoon. But with George.

A ROOM WITH A VIEW | Room with view (UK, 117 ') - A film by James Ivory, with Helena Bohnam Carter, Julian Sands, Daniel Day-Lewis, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench

Original restored version with subtitles in Italian | Original restored version with Italian subtitles

Thursday 5 October at 20.30

Cinema Odeon Florence

Amelia Lewis